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Great Films


Great Films

Sense and Sensibility (1995) (1 DVD, 131 mins) SUBTITLES


Out of Africa (1985) (1 DVD, 154 mins) SUBTITLES


The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) (1 DVD, 111 mins) SUBTITLES


Elizabeth (1998) (1 DVD, 118 mins) SUBTITLES


Chicago (2002) (1 DVD, 109 mins) Stars Catherine Zeta- Jones, Richard Gere SUBTITLES


Maverick (1994) (1 DVD, 121 mins) Stars Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster SUBTITLES


Grumpy Old Men (1993) (1 DVD, 98 mins) Stars Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau SUBTITLES


All The President’s Men (1976) (1 DVD, 132 mins) Stars Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford SUBTITLES


Tim (1979) Stars Mel Gibson, Piper Laurie (1 DVD, 108 mins) Code MFILOF


Old Gringo (1989) Stars Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck (1 DVD, 115 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOK


The China Syndrome (1979) Stars Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon (1 DVD, 118 mins) Code MFILOM


Cat Ballou (1965) Stars Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin (1 DVD, 92 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOP


Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) Stars Natalie Wood, Robert Culp (1 DVD, 105 mins) Code MFILOL


The Blues Brothers (1980) Stars John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd (2 DVDs, 142 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOO


Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991) Stars Kevin Costner (1 DVD, 149 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOR


Steel Magnolias (1989) Stars Sally Field, Julia Roberts (1 DVD, 114 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILPA


The Pianist (2002) Stars Adrien Brody, Emilia Fox (2 DVDs, 142 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOS


Papillon (1973) Stars Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman (1 DVD, 145 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOT


A Beautiful (2001) Stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly (1 DVD, 130 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOU


Billy Elliot (2000) Stars Julie Waters, Gary Lewis (1 DVD, 110 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOW


Annie (1982) Stars Albert Finney, Carol Burnett (1 DVD, 122 mins) SUBTITLES Code MFILOY

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